How Much Do Crumbl Cookies Cost?

Crumbl Cookies are one of the hottest sugar-filled sweets around these days. The popular Crumbl Cookies stores now number over 700 across the United States. This is after launching in 2017! So clearly, people love these cookies. The question is, how much does a Crumbl Cookie cost?

A box of six Crumbl Cookies including Old-Fashioned Doughnut, Lemonade, Walnut Brownie Fudge, and Fried Ice Cream.

If you are unfamiliar with Crumbl, the bakeries sell giant gourmet cookies in extravagant flavors. They use a rotating menu which features over 250 flavors.

Each week on Sunday at 7PM CST you can check Crumbl’s social media to see the flavor lineup for the coming week. The menu generally features six cookie flavors to choose from. Just remember, all stores are closed on Sundays so wait until Monday morning to snag your first bite!

The stores generally offer four fresh flavors every week in addition to their two standbys, the Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie and pink-frosted Classic Pink Sugar Cookie.

Sometimes the Milk Chocolate Cookie or Pink Sugar Cookie will feature small edits (like a different frosting color) to go along with a holiday or special themed menu.

Now, it’s important to know that these cookies are serious cookies. They are the kind of cookies where the nutrition information is listed with multiple servings because eating a whole one of these cookies can be up to (or over) 700 calories.

The cookies generally weigh about 4-5 ounces and measure around 4.5”, though some are even larger.

How Much Do Crumbl Cookies Cost?

So, what is the price of a Crumbl cookie? Well, these treats aren’t cheap! If you want to select one cookie as a treat to yourself, the price will be nearly $5. This can vary depending on where you live.

However, you can also get discounts by stocking up. Buy a 4-pack for about $15 and save per cookie.

If you buy a 12-pack of cookies, the savings are better. You can freeze the extras or split a box with friends.

Note that these prices are subject to change and are the prices at my local store. Some stores will be a bit more expensive depending on where you live.

Crumbl Cookie Prices:

  • Single Cookie – $4.50
  • 4-pack box of Cookies – $14.63 (about $3.65 per cookie)
  • 6-Pack Box of Cookies – $22.50 ($3.75 per cookie)
  • 12-Pack Box of Cookies – $38.25 (about $3.18 per cookie)

Is The Cost Worth It?

I think any time we are talking about treats, it’s good to remember that it’s okay to splurge now and then even if the product is a bit overpriced.

However, a consistent Crumbl habit could become a problem. If you bought just one Crumbl cookie each week for a year, you’d spend about $234 on cookies for the year.

There’s also the consideration that not every Crumbl Cookie is delicious. I’ve definitely had bad Crumbl Cookies.

I think in general the cookies tend to be a heavy on the sweetness and a little light on actual flavor, but there are several flavors that are quite good. If you get a bad one though (and I’ve had ‘em!), it’s a disappointment.

A quick tip before you buy is to check Crumbl’s social media to see if anyone has provided feedback on the week’s cookie lineup. I usually head to Instagram and check the Sunday night announcement post with the new flavors.

Read the comments (you’ll want to wait until Monday or Tuesday so you get feedback from people who have tried the new flavors, since the stores aren’t open on Sundays) and see which flavors are deemed hits and misses.

Save Money On Cookies

You can also split a box with a friend if you want to try all the flavors, but save a little money too. Also make sure you download the Crumbl App to earn points and get your free Birthday Cookie!

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