My Top 5 Favorite Crumbl Cookies Flavors

Crumbl Cookies offers over 250 unique cookie flavors and their menu announcement is a hot topic every Sunday night when the new week of flavors goes live. There are lots of amazing cookies (and a few duds) so here’s a quick list of my top 5 Crumbl Cookies Flavors.

A selection of Crumbl Cookies with the words, "The Best Crumbl Flavors".

What Is Crumbl Cookies?

Crumbl Cookies is a bakery with over 900 stores in the USA. They bake up tasty gourmet cookies in giant sizes (each cookie is four servings according to the nutrition info). They operate a rotating flavor menu of over 250 flavors, with five or six flavors featured each week. The rotating menu keeps fans coming back again and again!

Crumbl stores are generally walk-in and walk-out. Order your cookies on the app and grab them at the store. You can even have cookies shipped to your home!

The cookies are a bit pricey, so if you are hoping to save some money, split an order with a friend or purchase a larger quantity and freeze leftover cookies.

What Should I Try First?

If you can, I suggest getting a 4-pack box of cookies your first time at Crumbl. Start with the Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie or the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie. These cookies alternate weeks or occasionally they will offer a very similar variation such as a cookie with semi-sweet chips instead of chunks for instance.

Then, there’s the iconic Classic Pink Sugar Cookie. This one used to be available every week, but it received a lot of mixed reviews since it includes almond flavoring. If you enjoy almond-flavored desserts and the cookie happens to be on the menu when you order, give it a try!

Next, if there’s a chocolate cookie on the menu that week, I’d add that in too! Their chocolate cookies are really good.

Finally, choose something a little unusual! Crumbl is known for their experimental and unique flavors so it’s part of the experience to try the slightly wacky flavors too (I’m still curious about their “Everything Bagel” cookie). Know that these unique flavors can be hit or miss (that’s why we’re getting a 4-pack), but it’s great when they work out!

Top 5 Crumbl Cookie Flavors

Since there are over 300 cookie flavors, I certainly haven’t come close to sampling them all–in fact, I don’t even want to think about how much money that would cost to do! A lot of the cookies are pretty similar once you’ve tried a modest selection, so you really don’t have to try them all to find your favorites.

Note: These cookies are just my favs from the cookies I’ve actually tried! I’m sure I’m missing some of the best cookies on the flavor list–but all in due course.

There are also a few cookies that I expect would be super delicious, but I just haven’t tried them yet–I’ve listed these in another section at the end. My Crumbl bucket list if you will!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your favorites too!

1. S’mores

This is my favorite Crumbl Cookie that I’ve tried so far. It really captures that “s’mores” flavor and it’s so chewy and delicious. The cookie starts with a “graham cracker cookie” base and it is filled with milk chocolate chips and marshmallow and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs. Like all Crumbl Cookies, this one is sweet!

A Crumbl S'mores Cookie topped with chocolate and marshmallow on a plate.

2. Peanut Butter with Snickers®

I love all things peanut butter, so this cookie was a hit for me! The frosting was a little on the sweet side, but the chewy pb cookie paired with the Snickers® pieces is a win.

A Snickers Peanut Butter Crumbl Cookie on a stack of two white scalloped plates.

3. Triple Chocolate

While Crumbl’s vanilla-base cookies can be a little flavorless, I’ve found the chocolate base cookies to be pretty good! This triple chocolate cookie is PACKED with chocolate pieces and is perfectly chewy too.

A Crumbl Triple Chocolate Cookie on a stack of white scalloped plates.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This cookie starts off with a chocolate chip cookie and is topped by a sweet (maybe a tiny bit too sweet!) frosting with plenty of brown sugar. The mini chocolate chips and tiny pieces of cookie dough make this one really fun!

A Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookie on a scalloped plate.

5. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk

While Crumbl’s Milk Chocolate Chip cookie is pretty good, I think that the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie is so much better! The less-sweet chocolate and the hit of salt balance the very sweet cookie dough. There are plenty of melty chocolate chunks inside–so good. Definitely eat this cookie warm!

Honorable Mentions

Key Lime Pie

This cookie starts with a graham cracker base cookie. I didn’t find the cookie portion to be very flavorful, but the key lime pie topping was definitely delicious. The flavor was exactly right and it was perfectly fluffy.

Don’t expect your cookie to look as picture-perfect as the model cookie though! Mine had a nearly invisible spray of whipped cream and a sad little lime slice.

A Key Lime Pie Crumbl Cookie on a plate.


This was a fun one that I tried during “County Fair” week in 2022.

The cookie itself was lightly lemon-flavored…a tad gluey (this is a big problem with Crumbl Cookies overall in my opinion!) and the frosting was quite sweet. I loved the concept of a lemonade cookie though. A refreshing summer flavor!

Crumbl Cookies Lemonade Cookie with yellow lemon frosting and a slice of lemon.

Walnut Brownie Fudge

If you don’t like walnuts, then skip this one! But I found the chewy chocolate base and fudgey ganache to be a perfect combo.

A Crumbl Walnut Brownie Fudge cookie on a plate.

Muddy Buddy

Yes, another peanut butter cookie, because they are my favorite! This peanut butter cookie is topped with melted chocolate and a few Muddy Buddy pieces.

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

This cookie packs in all the cookies and cream flavor with a base cookie filled with cookies and cream chunks and more pieces mixed into the creamy “milkshake” frosting. Plus, it’s topped with a cute mini cookie!

Crumbl Flavors I Can’t Wait to Try

My “Crumbl Bucket List” is ready and waiting for when the following flavors next make it onto the menu!

Waffle – This is a “waffle” cookie topped with buttercream and maple syrup. I’m really curious how they make a cookie taste like a waffle so this is a must-try for me.

Buttermilk Pancake – Another cookie-for-breakfast variation, this “pancake” cookie topped with buttermilk syrup and buttercream sounds like sugar overload–but I want to try it!

Buckeye Brownie – A chocolate cookie with a scoop of peanut butter mousse (hello yum). I’m pretty sure any fan of the classic buckeye candies would love this. Mmm.

Brownie Batter – I’m all about brownie-cookies so this chewy chocolately cookie is on my list to try!

Chocolate Mallow Cupcake – A chocolate cookie with marshmallow whipped cream and chocolate glaze. I’m here for it! I don’t think this one has appeared on the menu recently, so I think we’re about due for a repeat!

What Are YOUR Favorite Crumbl Cookies Flavors?

I’d love to hear your favorites! Tell me what I should try next! Leave a comment and let me know.

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