ALL Crumbl’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavors – Complete List!

Crumbl’s Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie is one of the brand’s most popular cookies, but there are so many more chocolate chip cookies that Crumbl has to offer! Check out this list of all Crumbl’s Chocolate Chip Cookie flavors such as Mom’s Recipe, Monster, Cookie Dough, Sea Salt Toffee and more!

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Crumbl's Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie on a scalloped plate.

What Is Crumbl Cookies?

If you haven’t heard of Crumbl Cookies, here’s a crash course. This fun bakery kicked off in 2017 and has rapidly expanded with over 900 stores across the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

They sell giant cookies that fans can’t seem to get enough of. Each week the stores produce six fresh flavors–some brand-new and some from the ever-growing menu of over 300 flavors. Note: Crumbl alternates their Milk Chocolate and Semi-Sweet Chunk Cookie each week so a chocolate chip cookie is always on the menu!

What’s on the menu this week? Visit my post with all Crumbl’s Past Menus!

Some flavors that Crumbl offers include tasty cookies such as Buttermilk Pancake, Brownie Batter, Classic Pink Sugar, Monster, Apple Pie, Lemonade, Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter, and so many more. The stores have also began offering Crumbl-sized desserts like Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Square, and Key Lime Pie (their new pie version, not their cookie version!).

Crumbl’s giant cookies cookies aren’t your average snack—in fact, each cookie is about 4 servings! Luckily, you can always save some for later.

Every Sunday at 7 PM CST, Crumbl unveils the upcoming week’s flavor lineup on their social media platforms. With six delectable options to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to wait until Monday morning to try the new cookies (heads up that all stores are closed on Sundays).

The great debate! Which is better? Milk Chocolate or Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk? My article compares the differences between the two–and reveals my personal fav!

Crumbl’s Chocolate Chip Cookies In Alphabetical Order

Alright, let’s chat chocolate chip cookies. With over fifteen variations on the classic chocolate chip cookie, Crumbl is basically the expert in all things chocolate chip. Here’s the flavors in alphabetical order!

Blue Monster Featuring CHIPS AHOY!®

A chocolate chip cookie made with Chips Ahoy!® Cookie Crumbs and topped with a blue vanilla frosting and a mini Chips Ahoy!® Cookie.


A half-and-half cookie with a semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie on one side and a rich chocolate brownie-style cookie on the other side (baked together). Basically the same as “Double Trouble” listed below.

Cookie Cup

The perfect cookie for topping with ice cream (Crumbl Cream perhaps?). Cookie Cup is a warm gooey semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie served in a cup.

Cookie Dough

A brown sugar cookie topped with “cookie dough” flavored buttercream and chunks of cookie dough.

A Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookie on a scalloped plate.

Chocolate Potato Chip

Sweet and savory cookie filled with semi-sweet chocolate chunks and toasted coconut then rolled in crushed potato chips and pretzels. This cookie is listed (as of 3/28/2024) in the Crumbl App as a “Graveyard Cookie” which means Crumbl has retired the cookie…for now!

A screenshot of the Crumbl app Cookie Journal "Cookie Graveyard".

Double Chocolate Chip

A warm milk chocolate chip cookie dipped in semi-sweet chunks and sprinkled with sea salt.

Double Trouble

A half-and-half cookie with a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate cookie baked together. Pretty similar to Brookie!

Milk Chocolate Chip

A warm cookie packed with giant milk chocolate chips–thick, soft, and chewy! Served every other week.

Crumbl's Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie on a scalloped plate.

Mom’s Recipe

A chunky oatmeal cookie sprinkled with a bit of sea salt and filled with semi-sweet chocolate, toffee, and peanut butter chips.


A cookie packed with peanut butter, chocolate candies, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, brown sugar, and oatmeal. Also pops up on the menu as “Monster ft. M&M’S® Candies”.

Crumbl Monster Cookie on a small plate.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

A warm peanut butter base cookie with milk chocolate chips and peanut-butter flavored chocolate chips. 4.05 stars, 277 reviews.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

A warm pumpkin spice cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips throughout.

Sea Salt Toffee

A warm cookie with toffee pieces and milk chocolate chips.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip

A warm classic chocolate chip cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips. Basically the Milk Chocolate Chip with semi-sweet chips instead of milk chocolate. Nice if you like the darker chocolate, but don’t love the flaky sea salt that Crumbl uses on their Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate chip cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chunks and flaky sea salt on top (served every other week).

Skillet Cookie

Served warm, this is a semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of vanilla bean mousse and a drizzle of semi-sweet chocolate. New January 2024.


This is one of my all-time favorites! A chewy graham cracker cookie packed with milk chocolate chips, topped with toasted marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate and buttery graham cracker crumbs. Bake up some of your own with my popular S’mores Copycat Recipe!

A Crumbl S'mores Cookie topped with chocolate and marshmallow on a plate.

S’mores Brownie

A warm chocolate and graham cracker cookie filled with both milk and semi sweet chocolate chips topped with marshmallow crème and graham cracker crumbs.

Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie

Crumbl’s Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie has a oat base with chopped walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate chips. It’s a home-style recipe that’ll bring back memories of homemade cookies for sure!

White Chocolate Chip

Crumbl’s version of a classic white chip cookie!

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