CRUMBL Milk Chocolate Chip VS. Semi Sweet Chocolate Chunk

Crumbl’s Milk Chocolate Chip versus Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk! Which of these two classic Crumbl Cookies is better?! I’ve tried both these popular cookies and all my opinions are here, including which cookie I think is better.

Halves of different chocolate chip cookies with the words, "Crumbl's Milk Chocolate Versus Semi Sweet".

After retiring the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie from their weekly menu (again, haha), Crumbl decided to opt for a new strategy. In July 2023 Crumbl announced that the Milk Chocolate Chip and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk would alternate on the weekly menu.

This strategy keeps things fresh, but also allows Crumbl to have a consistent staple cookie on the menu each week. Fans are divided on which of these two options they prefer, but both enjoy far more support than the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie did.

Some prefer the Milk Chocolate Chip (the original Crumbl Cookie) and some prefer the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie. The question is, which is better?

Here are my honest thoughts!

Crumbl’s Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Reviewed:

This cookie is giant! Like all Crumbl Cookies the cookie is around 5-5.5 ounces and about 4.25″ in diameter. It’s listed as 4 servings, so there is certainly plenty of cookie to share (or save for later!).

You definitely should eat this cookie warm. The melty chocolate chips and the soft chewy center are so much better when eaten fresh from Crumbl.

As someone who loves making homemade chocolate chip cookies, I do think Crumbl could continue to improve the overall flavor of their cookies. They tend to be a little gluey/gummy. The cookie dough itself is sometimes lacking in flavor.

This cookie is also very very sweet. Chocolate chip cookies are often made using semi-sweet chocolate chips to cut the sweetness a bit, but because Crumbl opted for milk chocolate chips, the sweetness only increases.

The chocolate chips are jumbo-sized, so you’ll get large bites of melty chocolate throughout.

The verdict: While the Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie is good, the very sweet flavor profile might strike many as TOO sweet. Without the chocolate chips, the cookie base doesn’t really have a lot of flavor except for “sweet”. Eat the cookie warm for the best experience.

Crumbl's Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie on a scalloped plate.

Crumbl’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie Reviewed

Now we come to the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

This cookie is really soft and chewy. Very similar to the Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie. Like that cookie, it’s best eaten warm and fresh while the chocolate is still melty. Check out my photo below where the giant chocolate chunks are still soft, melty, and warm. Yum!

While this cookie is sweet, I found that the addition of the salt and the switch from milk chocolate chips to semi-sweet chocolate chunks made a huge difference. The swaps made for a delicious cookie that is a solid improvement from the Milk Chocolate Chip cookie.

Like Crumbl’s Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie, this cookie is best served fresh and warm. With all Crumbl cookies, I find that there is a doughy/floury taste that is more obvious when eating a cooled cookie.

Crumbl's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Here’s a photo of the actual cookie cut in half. You can see it’s quite a thick cookie. It’s got plenty (truly plenty!) of chocolate and lots of chewiness.

Crumbl's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie cut in half.

The verdict: If you are looking for a perfectly balanced chocolate chip cookie, opt for Crumbl’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk. The sweetness is balanced with the semi-sweet chocolate and the addition of a sprinkle of salt on top. Eat it warm for the best experience.

So, which cookie should you choose? While both cookies are tasty, I would highly suggest that you try the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie. It’s an excellent cookie and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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