Most Controversial Crumbl Flavors

With over 300 flavors and 900 locations, Crumbl Cookies has baked an insane number of cookies since the bakery kicked off in 2017. While many fans agree on the best cookies and worst cookies, there are a number of flavors that are actually pretty controversial. Here’s a quick roundup of the most controversial Crumbl flavors!

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Almost Everything Bagel

Almost Everything Bagel: a cookie rolled in seed mix and topped with cream cheese.

With cookies like Waffle, Pancake, and French Toast, we know Crumbl loves a good breakfast-themed cookie. However, Almost Everything Bagel seems to have missed the mark.

Crumbl transformed an everything bagel into cookie form and went with a savory cookie rolled in seed mix and topped with a big swirl of cream cheese.

The swirl of cream cheese might’ve been the worst part in my opinion. The real-life cookies shared by fans on social media looked very unappealing. Not only was the giant swirl unattractive, but I can’t imagine biting into big glops of cream cheese like that.

While some Crumbl fans liked this cookie, mostly it received negative reviews and is now in the Crumbl Graveyard with a 3.21 star (out of 5) rating. Ouch!

ANYTHING with Cream Cheese Frosting

Crumbl has a lot of cookies with a cream cheese frosting. While I like the tang that cream cheese adds to otherwise overpoweringly sweet buttercream, lots of people would rather pass. So whenever cookies topped with cream cheese frosting pop up on the menu, you can guarantee that plenty of the following social media comments will bemoan the presence of cream cheese frosting.

Love it or hate it, the cream cheese frosting is probably here to stay! The frosting is most commonly seen on the Birthday Cake cookies, a lot of the cookies & cream cookies, some of the cinnamon cookies, and of course on cookies like Carrot Cake.

Crumbl's Pink Velvet Cake Cookie cut in half and served on a small plate.
Crumbl’s Pink Velvet Cake – a pink cake batter cookie with cream cheese frosting and pink velvet cookie crumbs.

Classic Pink Sugar

Classic Pink Sugar: chilled, vanilla sugar cookie with pink almond icing.

The cookie that was on-again off-again as much as Ross and Rachel. Crumbl couldn’t seem to decide what to do with this cookie! The iconic Crumbl-pink icing made it a weekly standard, but the complaints from fans wanting more fresh flavors eventually seemed to wear down Crumbl team.

The cookie was removed in April 2022, then got some modifications and returned to the weekly menu in September 2022 but was soon off again in July 2023. Now, the cookie is relegated to the occasional appearance on the menu.

What caused the controversy here? Well, mainly the almond flavor. Lots of cookie reviewers don’t like almond flavored goods and one of the primary complaints was that the almond flavor was especially heavy.

I personally love an almond-flavored frosting, but I’m glad to see that the weekly menus are getting more fresh flavors. With the removal of Classic Pink Sugar and the switch to an alternating schedule between Milk Chocolate Chip and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip, it’s more interesting to keep up with the weekly lineups.

I will say though, I think this Crumbl Classic should probably appear more often on the menu. Maybe once a quarter? It does seem to pop up often as a mystery cookie, but fans seem to want more unique flavors to appear in the Mystery Cookie slot.

Maple Bacon

Maple Bacon: A fluffy buttermilk cookie with maple frosting, real bacon bits, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

I’ve mostly seen rave reviews for this one…however, some complained that the cookie was an odd mashup. Bacon on desserts usually is a bit controversial so I’m not totally surprised here. Complaints also noted that the frosting was too much/too sweet.

My opinion? Though I haven’t tried this one myself, the amount of frosting looks absolutely over the top. I suspect it does need to be dialed back a bit. This one scored a 3.8 out of five stars on the Crumbl app.

Milk Chocolate Chip

Milk Chocolate Chip: a warm cookie packed with giant milk chocolate chips–thick, soft, and chewy! Served every other week.

Crumbl's Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie on a scalloped plate.

You’d think that Crumbl’s original cookie, the Milk Chocolate Chip, would be a shoe-in for MOST POPULAR COOKIE EVER! But actually, this one gets quite a bit of criticism too. Fans complain that the cookie is too sweet, a little bland, and sometimes undercooked.

The cookie is very sweet to begin with so the milk chocolate only adds to the sweetness.

Besides the milk chocolate chips, there isn’t a lot of flavor in the cookie. Especially after the cookie had cooled and the warm melty chocolate was a distant memory, it tastes a bit bland.

A lot of fans still love it though! And there is something to be said for being the original Crumbl Cookie!


Cornbread: This is a cornbread cookie with honey butter glaze, a scoop of honey buttercream, and a drizzle of honey.

Crumbl’s Cornbread is possibly THE most hyped Crumbl Cookie to date. If you check any flavor announcement post you’ll likely see at least a handful of comments begging for the return of this cookie. Before it hit stores again in 2024, the clamor had truly reached fever pitch! People really want this cookie!

SO, why is it such a controversial flavor?

The reason why I included Cornbread on this list is because while it receives tons of requests and has a huge fan base, it also has intense dislike from people who didn’t enjoy it.

Complaints include the cookie being too gritty or chewy and the overall texture being unappealing. I’ve noticed that most of the cookies that I’ve disliked from Crumbl have a decidedly gummy/gluey texture. This is a problem with a lot of Crumbl Cookies.

Some other complaints about the Cornbread cookie are that it doesn’t really taste like cornbread, but rather is just super buttery and weirdly sweet. This one got a 4.33 rating out of 5 stars in the app.

So the controversy remains. How do you feel about Cornbread?


Eggnog: A sugar cookie with an eggnog buttercream frosting and a sprinkle of ground nutmeg.

Crumbl's Facebook announcement of their new Eggnog flavor cookie.
A screenshot of Crumbl’s Facebook announcement of the new Eggnog Cookie.

Nutmeg is one of those things where you need juuuust a touch to get the flavor across. Too much and it’s a little gross. Unfortunately, one of Crumbl’s weak spots is the wide range of skill of the various bakers across locations. Some added too much nutmeg and caused a lot of fans to reject this one.

The other sticking point was a general complaint that it was too sweet. It received a 3.4 out of 5 rating in the app.

For fans who got a perfectly spiced cookie and enjoyed a sweeter cookie, this one was mostly a hit. I personally find that “eggnog-flavored” treats are always a miss for me (even though I love the real thing) so this one is a skip in my book.


Neapolitan: A chocolate cookie stacked with a vanilla cookie and topped with tart strawberry frosting.

A screenshot of the Crumbl app Cookie Journal "Cookie Graveyard".

For Neapolitan, the original release of the flavor received mixed reviews. Some people loved it, some people hated the frosting. But, Crumbl brought the cookie back in February 2023 and it seemed to garner more positive attention.

HOWEVER, Crumbl has it listed in the Cookie Graveyard. Does this mean it didn’t sell well? Received too much criticism on social? Still was a flavor miss even after a re-do? What do you think about Neapolitan?

French Toast

French Toast: a “French Toast” cookie topped with cinnamon egg wash, buttercream, syrup drizzle and powdered sugar.

The French Toast cookie sounded so odd to me, but it did receive many highly rated reviews. It’s got a lot going on with a buttercream, drizzles of syrup, and powdered sugar.

The controversial elements here are basically 1. it’s too sweet, and 2. it’s underbaked/doughy/spongy.

With all the extra sugary toppings, I would steer clear of this flavor if you don’t like the super-sugary Crumbl choices. On the other hand, if you are a huge breakfast cookie fan, you definitely have to try it at least once. French Toast has a rating of 4.29 in the Crumbl app.

Time will tell if and when this cookie comes back on the menu!

What Do You Think Is the Most Controversial Crumbl Flavor?

I’d love to hear what you think! Just drop a comment below!

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