Crumbl’s Wedding Cake Cookie Review

Crumbl’s Wedding Cake Cookie is a pretty cookie with a piped swirl of raspberry and vanilla buttercream. Find out what I thought of this cookie in this quick Crumbl review!

A Crumbl sugar cookie frosted with pink and white buttercream.

Since Crumbl recently released mini cookies (offered on Mondays), I was eager to give them a try. I wanted to try French Toast in particular, so I chose two other flavors and bought a 3-pack.

I ended up with French Toast, Wedding Cake, and Pistachio Gelato.

Did you know Crumbl has over 300 flavors? Check out the complete list of flavors!

When I Tried It

I tried a mini version of Crumbl’s Wedding Cake cookie on 5/13/2024. The cookie has previously been on the menu a few times. At the time of writing it has an overall rating of 4.41 stars with 44.8k reviews.

A mini Crumbl Wedding Cake cookie cut in half on a plate.

What the Cookie Is Like

Crumbl’s Wedding Cake Cookie starts with a “Vanilla Bean” cookie base. In reality, this is the same base cookie they use for a lot of their frosted cookies.

Unfortunately, I find this particular base to be gluey or even floury tasting. It’s chewy, but in a way that just makes you wonder if it baked long enough.

While Crumbl called it a “Vanilla Bean” cookie, it really didn’t have any flavor on its own.

What about the frosting? The frosting is a mix of raspberry (pink) and vanilla (white) buttercreams. The raspberry flavor really comes through. It does have a tiny tiny bit of a fake flavor to it.

It’s hard to taste the vanilla at all unless you get some frosting without any raspberry.

A pink box of three mini Crumbl Cookies.

My Overall Rating of the Wedding Cake Cookie

I would give this cookie 3/5 stars. The appearance is cute, the frosting tastes good, but the cookie itself is a letdown.

I enjoyed trying the mini cookies–it’s a great option if you want to sample a few flavors without committing to a huge 4-pack of the full-size cookies.

Would I Buy It Again?

I would not go to Crumbl specifically for this cookie. However, I’d likely add it to a multi-pack if there were others I wanted and this cookie happened to be in the rotation. While the frosting was tasty, I just don’t love the base recipe they use for the Wedding Cake Cookie (and many others).

If you have tried this one, let me know what you think!

A Crumbl mini Wedding Cake cookie on a plate.

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