All the Cookies In Crumbl’s Cookie Graveyard

What happens when Crumbl Cookies retires a cookie flavor? Here’s a list of all the cookies that are on what Crumbl calls the “Cookie Graveyard”. These retired flavors include some of Crumbl’s biggest misses (and some surprising favorites). Are these cookies truly gone forever? Let’s investigate!

Whether you are a recent Crumbl fan or have been around since the beginning, you’ve likely encountered a few flavors you’ve thought were…well, pretty bad. While Crumbl’s cookies are tasty, they’ve also made some duds.

Crumbl often takes the feedback of their customers to heart. One cookie that comes to mind is the New York Cheesecake Cookie. Since its first appearance on the menu, Crumbl has reworked it and improved it a few times and it’s now a popular and delicious fan favorite.

I’ve been tracking Crumbl Cookie flavor menus for two years (and counting) on my sister site (read my Crumbl Flavors Post for all 300 flavors!) and I’ve also saved all Crumbl’s Past Menus to a handy post here as well. Some cookies simply have not reappeared, even in two years time.

There is always lots of speculation about where these flavors are. Are they gone forever?

Well, Crumbl just gave fans a big peek behind the scenes!

Crumbl’s New Cookie Journal Feature

Recently, Crumbl released their new Cookie Journal. You can find this in the Crumbl App. It’s a section to review cookies you’ve purchased and check out ratings on other cookies you are curious to try.

If you’ve ever wondered which cookie in a weekly lineup is the BEST, then you have to check the app. It’s a handy way to quickly see what people think of the new flavors.

What you might’ve missed though is Crumbl adding a “Graveyard” section to their Cookie Journal. This section has answered many pressing questions from fans. About 15 flavors are present in the current graveyard. These cookies have been permanently retired.

Most of the flavors were retired for a clear reason. Out of five stars, most of the flavors listed only garnered about 3 stars average rating. Ouch!

So which cookies flavors are in the graveyard? Let’s review below!

Crumbl Cookies in the Graveyard

These are the cookies I found in the Crumbl App Graveyard as of March 2024. Ratings listed are out of five stars.

  • Bubble Gum – 3.0 stars.
  • Chocolate Malt ft. Tootsie Rolls (chilled) – 3.19 stars.
  • Almost Everything Bagel – 3.21 stars (over 5000 people wanted to weigh in on this one! Lots of not-love!).
  • Watermelon (Chilled) – 3.24 stars.
  • Chocolate Sprinkle – 3.49 stars.
  • Sherbet – 3.63 stars.
A screenshot of the Crumbl app Cookie Journal "Cookie Graveyard".
Screenshot from Crumbl App, March 2024
  • Orange Roll – 3.66 stars.
  • Pina Colada – 3.79 stars.
  • Almond Coconut Fudge (chilled) – 3.85 stars.
  • Passion Fruit (chilled) – 3.85 stars.
A screenshot of the Crumbl app Cookie Journal "Cookie Graveyard".
Crumbl Graveyard – Screenshot from Crumbl App, March 2024
  • Cranberry White Chip – 3.87 stars.
  • Chocolate Potato Chip – 3.88 stars.
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake – 4.02 stars. This one is rated pretty high for a graveyard cookie! I would expect this might be revamped a bit and make a comeback.
  • Coconut White Chip – 4.03 stars.
  • Neapolitan (chilled) – 4.03 stars. Another cookie with lots of reviews and a pretty high rating. I think this one might be reworked a bit and return.
A screenshot of the Crumbl app Cookie Journal "Cookie Graveyard".
Screenshot from Crumbl App, March 2024
  • Coconut Cake – 4.1 stars.
  • Maple Oatmeal – 4.23 stars (over 14k reviews on this one and a pretty decent star rating…but maybe it just didn’t sell well?).
  • Oatmeal Raisin – 4.54 average. Now this one is strange! For one, it has a really high rating for a graveyard cookie (most of which are around 3 stars or so). For another, it actually WAS on the menu on March 18-23, 2024. I accessed the list on 3/27/2024 though and the cookie was in the graveyard. Hmmmm.
A screenshot of the Crumbl app Cookie Journal "Cookie Graveyard".
Screenshot from Crumbl App, March 2024

Other Flavors I Suspect Might Be Retired

Here’s a handful of other flavors that appeared at Crumbl in the early years and haven’t been seen since. Sometimes it just takes some time for Crumbl to get back around to old flavors, so maybe these are still possibilities…or maybe not!

  • Candy Corn
  • Mango Frozen Yogurt (last appeared on May 2022, so it might make a comeback in summer of ’24!)
  • Orange Creamsicle (last appeared June 2022, so this might make a comeback as well).
  • Orange Julius
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Pineapple Whip
  • Samoa
  • Sea Salt Butterscotch Pretzel
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Strawberries N’ Cream
  • Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie

What is the Crumbl Graveyard?

When a flavor gets retired from the rotating Crumbl menu, it gets sent off to the “cookie graveyard.” But don’t worry, Crumbl doesn’t forget about these flavors entirely.

Sometimes, they’ll bring back retired flavors for a special occasion or as a limited-time treat. Fans have reported some of the “graveyard” flavors reappearing as Mystery Cookies at their local stores. Crumbl also uses these flavors to inspire future concoctions and cookies. They are constantly innovating new flavors. Never say “never” with Crumbl!

Where Can I See the Cookies In the Graveyard?

First off, make sure you have the Crumbl App installed on your phone. If it’s been awhile since you’ve updated the app or if you have any other trouble following the instructions below, just delete and reinstall the app before trying again.

Note: I’m on an Android phone, so instructions for iPhone users might be a bit different.

  • Open the app. Click “More” on the lower right side of the screen.
  • Find “Cookie Journal” listed under “My Account”.
  • At the top of the Journal, click the tiny tombstone labeled “Graveyard”.
  • Scroll through the cookies to see what is listed.

Funnily enough, some Crumbl fans have reported that cookies in the supposed graveyard were seen at their stores as Mystery cookies! Intriguing right? So maybe these dead flavors aren’t as dead as we think?

Why Does Crumbl Retire Flavors?

Cookies That Don’t Sell Well

In the end, Crumbl is a business and they need to make sure fans are motivated to come and buy cookies every week. If they provide too many “misses” or repeat cookies with a lackluster following, they will lose money. So, any cookie that doesn’t sell well is likely moved to graveyard consideration.

Some cookies receive good reviews, but they still aren’t flashy enough to sell well. These cookies might see an early retirement.

Cookies with Mixed Reviews

Any cookie that receives lots of mixed or negative reviews is going to find its way to retirement as well. Cookies like “Almost Everything Bagel” are just not what fans are wanting to see when they are looking for their next decadent dessert fix from Crumbl.

Ingredient Restrictions

Another issue is ingredient restrictions. Sourcing ingredients for over 900 stores at affordable prices can get tricky. Crumbl has to be vigilant about making sure all their stores can bake the cookies for the week ahead. This means they might have to retire cookies that are becoming too difficult to source ingredients for (or too expensive to make).

Share Your Thoughts!

What do you think about the Crumbl graveyard? Are there any cookies you think shouldn’t be in there?

When is the last time Crumbl baked your favorite flavor? Check out the Past Menus here!

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